Dependable Dog Boarding

Dogs in the yard
Dogs with golden fur

A Vacation for Your Pet

Are you looking for a clean and safe boarding kennel for your pet? Why not go on vacation without having to worry whether your pet is safe and happy? When boarding with us, your furry friends will feel like they are on vacation too.

Affordable Pet Boarding Services

Located just off Wellesley and Starr in the valley, our kennel is a place where your dog can interact and play with other canines. We have indoor/outdoor runs. We have two large exercise yards, pools to play in, Misters on the outer part of their run to keep them cool, and kids to play with. Our family-run kennel is supervised 24 hours and is located in our backyard. Our prices are very reasonable.

Other Services Offered

Grooming and bathing available as time allows, so please check with us if interested. We can also take care of your cat at home, as cats usually prefer to stay home. We also offer pick up and delivery, if we can fit it into our schedule. If interested in any of these services, please inquire.